897th and 3562nd Ordnance HAM Companies, 1941-1945

First Army  897th Ordnance Heavy Automotive Maintenance Company
 3562nd Ordnance Heavy Automotive Maintenance Company
 1st Army, V Corps, European Theater of Operations
Belgium, 1944: the war rages on, the weather is lousy, and your truck's frame is bent. Who ya gonna call? The 897th, that's who! They performed difficult repairs under adverse conditions.
Welcome to this WWII history site commemorating the 897th and 3562nd Ordnance HAM Companies, maintained by the son of 897th veteran Julian Gocek. I love to hear from veterans and their families, current service people, and history buffs. With the passing of my father at age 97 in 2015, I doubt any 897th vets are still with us. Best wishes to all the families.
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This day in history: Sunday, July 16, 1944: Cerisy Forest, France.The company is relieved of assignment to 84th Ordnance Battalion and moves to bivouac area in Cerisy Forest, a distance of 11 miles from the previous position in Treviers, arriving on 1944-07-13 1030 to maintain vehicles of the 86th Ordnance Battalion. [Editor’s note: not sure what was the point of being relieved when they still worked on the 86th’s equipment.]


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Rose Bowl

Stateside training:

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Lake Charles, LA

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Train Trip

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Stateside 1943
Camp Haan, CA


December, 1944
Battle of Stavelot

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