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A service for scanning your photographic prints.

Coming soon - rates for 2010. Contact    For now, tips for doing it yourself.

When was the last time you looked at all those great photos albums of your kids? You have to remember which closet they're in, and carry them to the living room. Wouldn't it be great if you could watch them on one of those new-fangled digital photo frames? But they're not digital. They were taken in that long-ago-and-faraway time known as, gasp, the 20th century.

Gary Gocek of Photo Scan USA can digitize your photos, provide CDs or DVDs, load photo frames and perform other digitization tasks. Certifcation as a New York State vendor is underway.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Photo Scan USA? PSA is located in Perinton, NY. Customers in the area may be able to deal with Gary in person. Most other customers will have to rely on other shipping methods. Shipping costs are itemized as needed. Services and shipping costs are subject to state and local sales taxes for residents of New York, Connecticut and New Jersey.

What types of media can be scanned? Photographic prints, slides and negatives up to 9"x12" can be scanned in color or black & white.

Can the digitized images be reprinted later? Yes. Photo Scan USA does not currently provide cost-effective printing services. Once you receive your image files, they can be provided to a photo service (web-based or brick & mortar) and printed.

Will reprinted images be clear? Yes, reprints of images provided by Photo Scan USA will be satisfactory, if printed at a size similar to the original prints and if the original prints were satisfactory. If your expected usage of digital images is to print them at large sizes, specify that in advance, and your images will be provided at a higher resolution. There will be no extra change unless the higher resolution files require additional CD/DVD disks.

Are the images suitable for web sites? Yes, although the default scanning resolution of 200 DPI is higher than normally used for the Web. Customers can request a lower resolution scan (at no additional charge) or images in both 200 DPI and 75 DPI (an additional charge applies). The higher resolution is preferred if there is any chance that the images will someday be printed or adjusted (such as for brightness). Customers can change the resolution of digital files once they are provided by Photo Scan USA.

What about copyrights and ownership? Customers and copyright holders retain all rights to images. Note that prints from professional studios are often copyrighted and it may not be legal to publish digitized versions. Typically, Photo Scan USA will not save copies of customer images once the customer has accepted delivery. No watermarks or hidden properties are inserted by Photo Scan USA.